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One complimentary package per person.  Some restrictions may apply to some insurance company's.  Not available for
Auto Accidents or individuals on federal programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

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Rehabilitation for Sports Injury, more than Exercise and Stretches

The Doctors at Crockett Chiropractic have a special interest in helping get you back in the game.  The doctors have treated professional athletes in MLB, NHL, and PGA along with college athletes from Missouri State University, Drury University and Evangel University.  Whether you play on the high school team, at the collegiate level or consider yourself a weekend warrior we’ll keep you playing at the top of your game.  

In addition to chiropractic care focusing on the joints, it’s not uncommon to find muscle and connective tissues damaged, tight or weakened from the improper misalignments.  The chiropractors at Crockett Chiropractic will develop the specific stretches and exercises to help strengthen and correct these imbalances.  This will not only help to improve the treatment you receive but will aid in preventing future problems from occurring.  The exercises you will be given can be performed in your own home and Dr Crockett and Dr Jackson make sure you don’t have any questions before leaving our office.  You can go home knowing exactly how to do these stretches and exercises and be confident that you’re performing these correctly.

Of course some conditions will require supervision with rehabilitation and the chiropractors can make that determination when needed to make sure you get the best results.  We will work with you one on one to make sure the exercise or stretch is being performed properly and each repetition is creating the best effect towards your health and performance.  

"My neck was completely stiff with constant neck pain and a sharp pain ran to the top of my head if I turned my head quickly.  The range for turning my neck was practically nil.  After a few treatments I am a lot looser in my movements and able to turn my head without the neck pain I had.  The sharp, shooting pains have completely stopped.”       
                                                  - Myrna K.