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At Crockett Chiropractic we take pride in providing the most advanced chiropractic pain care to our patients.  We have listed below some of our services we offer in our Springfield, MO clinic.  The Doctors at Crockett Chiropractic  look forward to restoring your health and helping you to develop a wellness lifestyle.  

Chiropractic Care

We utilize the most advanced spinal correction techniques to deliver the fastest results for you.  Our Doctors have years of training, experience and ongoing post graduate training to determine which type of spinal adjustment you will most benefit from whether it is a traditional hands on adjustment or the Sigma Instrument Proadjuster.  The “state of the art” chiropractic techniques used by our Doctors of Chiropractic will provide the safest, more comfortable, more consistent, and more effective corrective methods than ever before.  

Dr Jason Crockett and Dr Mike Jackson will perform a complete consultation, history, examination to determine which orthopedic and neurological testing should be performed to determine the cause of your pain.  If x-rays are needed our clinic can perform those on site.  After the problem is determined then the treatment options that will best serve you to get the quickest result will be discussed with you.  If your problem is not a chiropractic case you will be referred to the appropriate provider to make sure you are taken care of.  Our advanced technology will result in a healthier you!

Sigma Instrument Proadjuster

When it comes to your back and neck pain, stress, headaches, loss of sleep or whatever strains you may be experiencing, chiropractors believe in treating the source of your problem effectively and naturally.  You shouldn’t have to rely on medications to get through the day.  They may only mask the problem, not treat it at the source.

This is precisely the reason Sigma Instruments developed the Proadjuster technology – To keep up with people in today’s society who are consistently asking their bodies to perform at higher levels and who want to feel better, safely and naturally.

What is the Proadjuster Sigma Instrument?  Would you believe us if we told you that chiropractic treatments could be performed comfortably, while you were sitting in an upright position without any turning or sudden movements?  Would you believe that newborns as well as the elderly with osteoporosis can be treated safely and gently?  

Well, believe it.  Significant advances in computers and engineering technologies have allowed Doctors of Chiropractic to both analyze and treat the human body in such a way that has never been realized before.

How does it work?  The Proadjuster computer uses a piezoelectric sensor in the soft tipped instrument to administer a precise oscillating force that measures specific levels of joint motion in a comfortable, effective manner.  You can see the information on the computer monitor.  This information allows the doctor to isolate and treat a problem area faster and more accurately than manual procedures.  After the computerized treatment, the Sigma Instrument’s sophisticated re-analysis allows both you and the doctor to chart your progress toward recovery.

If you are looking to enjoy more quality time with your family, have more energy and less fatigue, perform better at work and live life to the fullest with less limitations, then give Chiropractic and the Proadjuster a try!

Hydromassage Bed

The stress from our day to day activities needs to be balanced out physically.  With the Wellsystem massage you can take as little as 15 minutes from your hectic day and recharge, relax and reinvigorate your health.  

The Wellsystem Relax is a dry water massage where pure relaxation for the body can occur.  The warmth of the water radiates deep into the body’s tissue layers – enhancing the circulation and stimulating metabolism, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.  The entire body benefits from the carefully controlled gentle power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry “water surface”.

People today are taking an active role and looking for ways to maintain their own health, fitness, and energy levels for work and play.  No matter whether you suffer from stress symptoms, or have a job placing physical demands on the shoulders, neck or back muscles the Wellsystem massage can loosen and relax muscles by targeting the soothing water jets where you need most.  By targeting the areas you select you can increase the circulation, relieve muscle pain and spasms, and aid in recovery, range of motion, and flexibility.

Before Use:

 • Poor blood supply to skin and tissues

 • Tense muscles

 • Back and joint pain

 • Weakened connective tissue

 • Restricted performance

 • Weakened immune system

After Use:

 • Increased blood flow

 • Relaxed muscles

 • Alleviation of back and joint pain

 • Firmer connective tissues

 • Increased energy and performance

 • Strengthened immune system

Soft Tissue Therapy

Active Release Technique

This therapy is used to treat many conditions and is considered the gold standard for soft tissue diagnosis and treatment.  Soft tissues that can be easily treated with Active Release Technique include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Active Release Therapy also known as ART by some is useful in the treatment of repetitive use injuries which occur with sports or jobs on a daily basis.  Pain dysfunction, repetitive use and injury all have one common factor; scar tissue.  Scar tissue can build up in muscles, along joints, adhering muscles together instead of allowing them to act separately.  All of these will create pain such as sciatica, hip pain, mid-back pain, finger or palm pain, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, and more.  ART is a diagnosis and treatment oriented therapy used by professional baseball, football, PGA athletes and more.  Active Release Therapy treats conditions like: strain/sprains, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel.  Catching these problems before they get severe can aid in preventing a more severe injury and allow you to keep up with the demanding pace of today’s activities.  Other conditions that respond extremely well with Active Release Therapy are shoulder pain, golfers or tennis elbow, sciatica, and TMJ disorder to name a few.  Please call the office today to schedule your appointment to determine if this technique could help you get out of pain or perform at a higher level.  

ALINE Insoles.

Do your feet ache or burn at the end of the day?  You may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, heel pain, or calf tightness.  You will take as many as 1.8 million steps this year on surfaces your foot was not designed to walk on.  Your body needs a strong stable foundation if it’s going to withstand 1.8 million steps on terrain your foot was never suppose to see like concrete floors, wooden steps, and asphalt.  ALINES are great for people with one or both feet having too high of an arch, flat feet or no arches, a previous injury like fracture or ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, blisters, or anyone who wants to take care of their body as they work and play hard.  

The ALINE Insoles fitting begins first with us performing the ALINE laser evaluation to see if you will benefit from them.  By having you perform general movements of the lower extremity and monitoring the amount of imbalanced motion in the foot, ankle, knee and hip we will determine if you will benefit from the ALINE Insole.  You will be sized and can see for yourself how the lower extremity is more stabilized from the ALINE Insoles before leaving the exam room.  We will work with you to fit the insoles to your specific needs and will coach you on how to implement these into your day so you get the most benefit from their use.  Say goodbye to plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, aching or burning in the feet at the end of the day and hello to a more energized lower extremity and improved balance.

Dynamic Neurmuscular Stabilization Techniques

This treatment, used in Europe, is great treatment for children with bed wetting problems, cerebral palsy pain relief from tight and sore muscles, scoliosis in kids and young adults 25 years and younger, and competitive athletes. DNS is a technique where we can train the body how to pick the right muscles to move, or in most cases, help the brain remember how to move more efficiently. DNS also focuses on diaphragmatic breathing. Everyone should breathe with their diaphragm. Take a deep breath in. If you moved your shoulders up instead of your belly down, you will have used your neck instead of your primary and most important breathing muscle- the diaphragm. The diaphragm is also one of the most important muscles for the low back.  If the diaphragm is weak, the back will be weak and more easily injured and in pain more often. DNS is a way your Doctor can help train your body to use the diaphragm again so you can move with less injury and pain.

Sports Therapy

Titleist and Selective Functional Movement Assessment’s (SFMS) exams

The Titleist evaluation is golf based. SFMA exam is a broad based exam to determine how ready you are to step foot onto the field or court of your choice. The SFMA exam will let you know if you could get hurt from practice and sustain serious injury including sprained ankles, torn meniscus, pulled hamstrings, shoulder pain, neck stiffness, disc injuries, and more.  Titleist exam is a golf specific exam where we can let you know how well you would score compared with PGA Pros. For example, if you think you have good rotation in your swing, this exam will look at the rotation and be able to tell you what the normal rotation is for PGA Players.  Sport specific exams can be designed for the individual or team.

Rehabilitation, more than Exercise and Stretches

In addition to chiropractic care focusing on the joints, it’s not uncommon to find muscle and connective tissues damaged, tight or weakened from the improper misalignments.  The chiropractors at Crockett Chiropractic will develop the specific stretches and exercises to help strengthen and correct these imbalances.  This will not only help to improve the treatment you receive but will aid in preventing future problems from occurring.  The exercises you will be given can be performed in your own home and Dr Crockett and Dr Jackson make sure you don’t have any questions before leaving our office.  You can go home knowing exactly how to do these stretches and exercises and be confident that your performing these correctly.

Of course some conditions will require supervision with rehabilitation and the chiropractors can make that determination when needed to make sure you get the best results.  We will work with you one on one to make sure the exercise or stretch is being performed properly and each repetition is creating the best effect towards your health.  

Spinal and Postural Screenings

In an effort to help keep Springfield MO healthy Dr Crockett offers his staff expertise and training at community events, health fairs and places of employment.  Many industrial leaders have found benefits of working with the Doctors at Crockett Chiropractic to improve the health and well being of their employees.  Contact us today to arrange a screening or workshop at your event or workplace.

Activity and Lifestyle Advice

As a chiropractor Dr Crockett feels it is his job to educate the public to help them obtain optimum health.  It is not uncommon to find a daily activity an individual is performing that is aggravating a condition if not the cause of the patient’s condition.  By “coaching and educating” our patients we can help them avoid re-injury or aggravating the condition so it can heal faster and more completely.

We also work to improve the overall activity of those which are looking to take a more active role in their health.  We recognize each client has their individual problems, concerns, and goals so these are made specifically to each person.  Whether you want to train to run a 5K or your first marathon, play with the grandchildren without being fatigued and in pain, work a little longer in the garden, Loose 25 or 100 pounds we can help you achieve it at Crockett Chiropractic.

Type II Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can lead to many life threatening conditions such as heart disease, kidney problems, high blood pressure, and poor circulation.  Most people who have been diagnosed with type II diabetes have accepted the all too common approach of drugs and insulin injections even though these will not cure the diabetes.  Diabetics can spend the rest of their life trying to manage the disease and fight the side effects of the medication, feeling tired, frustrated, taking blood sugars, taking injections, and popping pills without getting healthier.  

We take a different approach and offer a safe alternative for those with Type II diabetes.  Instead of relying on insulin injections and pills to just manage this condition we will perform a full array of testing to examine the body in great detail to get a complete understanding of your complex physiology and determine the key factors causing your diabetes.  With the detailed test findings we can tailor a safe and effective personalized treatment plan to help you regain your health and quality of life.

Auto Injury

Recent auto injury have you feeling not quite up to your normal activities?  Maybe you have been recently in a car accident and just want to be checked to make sure no injury has occurred.  Car accidents and whiplash injuries should be taken seriously as symptoms can take weeks to manifest with some individuals.  Whiplash is often not treated as people don’t feel hurt immediately following the car accident.  This can be a mistake as fifty percent of whiplash victim’s report they suffer with symptoms from their auto injury years after the auto accident occurred.  

Whiplash injuries involve a sudden movement of the neck and head whether it is forward, backwards, or sideways.  This movement results in muscles, ligaments, disc, and other supporting tissues of the neck to be damaged.  These tissues when left to heal on their own will develop adhesions, scar tissue, loss of flexibility and decreased strength.  The result is a weaker neck and upper back setting you up for future injuries and problems.  

Crockett Chiropractic focuses on getting you feeling better and works to prevent these complications of auto injuries from developing or if they have developed we work to reverse these in the injured areas.  Our Springfield chiropractors help you develope a more normal movement in the damaged area from the auto injury through the use of their specific training to assess your injuries and determine whether soft tissue therapy, modern rehabilitative techniques and advanced treatment technology can help your case.

“Dr. Crockett's staff is a delight to know. They are so friendly, helpful and always give a kind word to you. It is a blessing to know these girls. I would recommend Dr. Crockett and his staff to all my friends. Also, to anyone that that is having any kind of problems, he is the best.” Marian B, Fair Grove

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