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Auto Accidents or individuals on federal programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

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The stress from our day to day activities needs to be balanced out physically.  With the Wellsystem massage you can take as little as 15 minutes from your hectic day and recharge, relax and reinvigorate your health.

  The Wellsystem Relax is a dry water massage where pure relaxation for the body can occur.  The warmth of the water radiates deep into the body’s tissue layers – enhancing the circulation and stimulating metabolism, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.  The entire body benefits from the carefully controlled gentle power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry “water surface”.

People today are taking an active role and looking for ways to maintain their own health, fitness, and energy levels for work and play.  No matter whether you suffer from stress symptoms, or have a job placing physical demands on the shoulders, neck or back muscles the Wellsystem massage can loosen and relax muscles by targeting the soothing water jets where you need most.  By targeting the areas you select you can increase the circulation, relieve muscle pain and spasms, and aid in recovery, range of motion, and flexibility.

Before Use:

 • Poor blood supply to skin and tissues

 • Tense muscles

 • Back and joint pain

 • Weakened connective tissue

 • Restricted performance

 • Weakened immune system

After Use:

 • Increased blood flow

 • Relaxed muscles

 • Alleviation of back and joint pain

 • Firmer connective tissues

 • Increased energy and performance

 • Strengthened immune system

Chiropractic Care for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more

“The hydromassage is wonderful. It really helps to relieve tension and it is very relaxing. I wish I could do it every week!”  Saundra Hunt

“I love the hydromassage bed. You have the ability to program it for the area that bothers you the most. It really helps to relieve tension and I always feel great after—feeling way more relaxed.”  Shannon Teer