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Auto Accidents or individuals on federal programs such as Medicare or Medicaid.

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If you are sufferring from back, neck or headache pain, take advantage of our online special today.

Recent auto injury have you feeling not quite up to your normal activities?  Maybe you have been recently in a car accident and just want to be checked to make sure no injury has occurred.  Car accidents and whiplash injuries should be taken seriously as symptoms can take weeks to manifest with some individuals.  Whiplash is often not treated as people don’t feel hurt immediately following the car accident.  This can be a mistake as fifty percent of whiplash victim’s report they suffer with symptoms from their auto injury years after the auto accident occurred.  

Whiplash injuries involve a sudden movement of the neck and head whether it is forward, backwards, or sideways.  This movement results in muscles, ligaments, disc, and other supporting tissues of the neck to be damaged.  These tissues when left to heal on their own will develop adhesions, scar tissue, loss of flexibility and decreased strength.  The result is a weaker neck and upper back setting you up for future injuries and problems.  

Crockett Chiropractic focuses on getting you feeling better and works to prevent these complications of auto injuries from developing or if they have developed we work to reverse these in the injured areas.  Our Springfield chiropractors help you develope a more normal movement in the damaged area from the auto injury through the use of their specific training to assess your injuries and determine whether soft tissue therapy, modern rehabilitative techniques and advanced treatment technology can help your case.

I was involved in an automobile accident and suffered neck and shoulder injuries.  I came to Crockett Chiropractic in severe pain.  I started treatments and saw immediate improvements.  It is almost 4 weeks later and I am almost back to normal.  The doctors and staff are friendly professional and courteous.  I have recommended Crockett Chiropractic to several people.

Danny Peacock